Staying Ahead of the Game


As our economy continues to grow and bring change, the global corrugated packaging market is seeing new innovations and advanced technologies incorporated into their current product offerings. New food trends call for new packaging solutions in order to better mold shopping habits, the way food is consumed, and also purchased. Consumers have become more interested in “on the go” options as their lives have become busier and are always on the move. The consumer mentality in my eyes is thinking “What’s simple, What’s on the go, What’s quick?”. With all of these new trends in consumer packaging we need to think about how this will affect packaging for B2B and B2C.

Aesthetics has been a key player in packaging and is another persuasion factor a consumer utilizes during their purchasing process. Let’s take a look into one way this is being used and one that is nostalgic to many. Who remembers doodling when they were a child and of course we still do it today during those mundane meetings? I certainly do! I’m not just picking this type of aesthetical design because it’s neat but instead the idea of it being implemented and how it triggers memories/emotions. It’s like a psychological game where the product is trying to trigger you to buy it or persuade you. For companies it’s important to make sure their product is creating a positive emotion whether that is done by using techniques like hot stamping, embossing, BIG WORDS, or unique product shapes. Industrial packaging is seeing a change in their packaging due to the demand in areas like sustainability and downgauging. The optimization of pack shape has taken off by producing different cube sizes in order to achieve greater volume usage and also safer handling. Different cube sizes have cut down on distribution costs and help manifest greater volume usage by allowing trailers to be used more efficiently.

Lastly, I want to talk about safety especially for products that are being shipped thousands of miles away. Many companies’ that offer a subscription service like Dollar Shave Club, Harry’s, Birchbox, Blue Apron, Plated, and many more use cardboard boxes that have a thick fluting size giving them more durability. Yes, that’s correct I used the word “fluting” not to be mixed up with the adjective-as to reminisce about the sound of a flute but, the thickness (take a look below).

The integrity of these boxes is determined by the packaging fillers used and use of more durable materials. With organizations focusing on controlling packaging waste they also need to balance this with proper protection that the packaging provides for the product.
In the end every industry is seeing change and working towards being a part of that change in the packaging/container market. The trends we see determine where we need to be in order to stay current with market trends. There is a rhyme and a reason for most designs of consumer packaged goods. Ask yourself, what are we as a company doing to accommodate these changes and who can help us?

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