Reusable Packaging Trends


Who is in the Loop?

Recently, there was an article and some media attention online about LOOP who just debuted their new reusable packaging at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. There idea is very interesting and looks/sounds like a good plan overall. PepsiCo has partnered with LOOP along with Proctor and Gamble offering some of their most popular consumer product goods on the market today. Partnering with these two big companies is a very big deal because it will be offering products to consumers in reusable packaging and that can be refilled.

Imagine This…..

You open up your medicine cabinet and you see that your shaving cream is out along with the shampoo your wife uses. Luckily, you have one of LOOP’s reusable and refillable bottles that can be shipped in one of their totes, some one will pick it up (FedEx, UPS) it gets refilled at a predetermined location then ships back to you. It’s a cycle that continues to repeat itself kind of like way back when we used to have a milkman and would leave our empty’s sitting on the doorstep or behind that small door that was predesignated for just milk pick up/drop off.

Big retailers Kroger and Walgreen’s have joined this experiment too allowing consumers to buy the refillable packaged products at the store and then put them in the tote for some one to pick up. Consumers will also be able to drop off their empty bottles of product at participating retailers to get refilled.

What does this mean for CPG’s?

Even though this is more consumer oriented in regards to packaging it is a big step forward towards something that could pave the way in reusable/refillable packaging. This could potentially open the doors up for more CPG companies to partner with this services or offer it themselves. The idea makes sense and reduces the amount of waste that ends up in our landfills but will consumers incur more costs ho have been just buying the same old packaged detergent and throws out the empty buying another one in the store?

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