Redesigning Cars


We often hear about the negative effect of manufacturing and driving a car as we know that it releases a large amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Many believe that using an electric car is better than a regular one as it doesn’t release any carbon dioxide when driven. But the reality behind an electric car battery is if it uses a lithium battery the factory which produces those batteries often uses fossil fuel as their energy source. In the end, that factory would have emitted nearly 75% more carbon dioxide into the air compared to a regular car. Instead of trying to make the car that drives more environmentally friendly what if it could be manufactured better?

Researchers calculated that manufacturing a car emits the same amount of carbon dioxide into the air just as much as driving it around for its lifetime. A group of scientists in Poland, called Selena, attempted to turn crops that were not engaged in the human food supply chain to generate a potential environmentally friendly plastic to fix one of those issues. Using such plant types would decrease the price of mining foreign materials and become more cost-effective. One of the plants they were working on were weeds, which often interferes with agriculture. It would then be possible to heat and inject the bioplastic into a mould or 3D print making it into the desired shape. Using plastic would also make the car lighter to move around and could possibly also make it fuel-efficient.

As scientists discover a way to design the cars ‘ exterior, Ford recently announced that it would begin to use carpets produced from recycled plastic bottles in its new line of sports utility vehicles. Every year, the corporation recycles around 1.2 billion plastic bottles worldwide. It’s not just Ford that is trying to make a difference in the environment as other manufacturers such as BMW switched to using recycled plastic for its interior As more companies start recycling plastic for their new vehicles, one of the small issues that our environment currently faces could be solved.

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