Power of Hashtags


Starting a business is not always as easy as it seems. When you’re on a tight budget you have to be creative in how you attract new customers. It’s important to have social media for your growing business but when you use it effectively can bring in more customers than ever before. One powerful tool when using any sort of social media is to use hashtags.

It has been noted that using more hashtags increases the views on your post. For example, when using hashtags on a tweet the user earns twice as much engagement and on Instagram can even earn 70% more likes compared to not using any. With many people using hashtags it seems nearly impossible to stand out in the crowd. So how exactly should you use them?

To begin with #don’t #use #hashtags #for #every #word. Doing so will make your message hard to read and unappealing for the reader. It also doesn’t attract the attention of the customers you’re looking for as it isn’t related to any sort of topic of your business. Instead, use smaller words that pertain to the topic of your message or photo you are posting like #packaging #manufacturing.

You can use some common hashtags like #love and #happy and try to find some hashtags that are treading if your post matches it. But, don’t forget to get a little creative and even make your own hashtag as you got to have fun with it sometimes. A hint to take if you want to add more hashtags is to try adding it in the comments of your post. It will make it look cleaner and more appealing for your viewer. Now it’s time for your new customers to start rolling into your business. #newyou

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