Is a Slogan Necessary?


Building a business up isn’t always an easy task. Once you have your business up and running you’re always thinking of new ways of bringing in new customers. As online advertising is getting easier than ever having your company stand out is becoming a little bit more difficult. You have different options such as paying more money to have your as exposed to more people multiple times. Doing so can put a strain on your budget, therefore, you need another creative form of advertisement.

The next best option is coming up with a catchy slogan that gets your message across and makes people positively think of you. Sounds pretty easy but there is a lot of planning that goes into it before you put it out for the public. You have to consider the fact that the average consumer receives 3,000 to 5,000 advertisements each day. They will see it through TV, print ad, social media, and blogs which is why it’s important to make sure your slogan stands out and is easy to remember.

To begin with, a slogan is typically less than 5 words which explain the benefits or establishes the company brand. It should be complete, emotionally attached, and relatable for the average consumer. If it sounds bland it won’t catch the viewer’s attention. It needs to have the ability to speak for the brand without mentioning the companies name within the slogan. Lastly, it should be predictable of what the company is about because a confusing message might drive potential customers away. It’s a lot to consider when creating a simple line but if it all plays out well then it might bring in great business in the future.

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