Importance of Being Multilingual



Knowing a second language won’t just be needed for the next time you go on vacation but could benefit you when you’re trying to look for a career. As more companies are working globally the need for multilingual employees is growing faster than ever. When you apply for a new job it’s important to have something to help your application stand out over the others.

Makes your resumes more appealing

Companies often look for something that stands out the most on your resume. Having a second language on your application will most likely bring you to the top of the list which is extremely important when the job you apply for is competitive.  Research conducted on’s hiring forecast stated that if there were two applicants that are both equally qualified they are 39 percent more likely to choose the one that has a second language on their application.

Your pay may increase

Who doesn’t want a little extra money in their paycheck? According to Albert Saiz, who is an MIT economist, noted that college graduates will make an average of 2 percent more being multilingual. Depending on which language you speak can vary on what kind of pay raise one might get. For a couple reported secondary languages by the economist on average Spanish as a secondary language you will receive 1.5 percent bonus pay, for French 2.3 percent, and lastly German an extra 3.8 percent. This also varies on the kind of job you have as some may need it more than others.

Providing better customer service

You are able to provide a service that other employees are not able to give which makes you an important aspect to their company.  Because of this, your employer is more likely to reach out to you for certain tasks that they know you can complete. Your customers will also appreciate having someone speak to them in their native language rather them being forced to speak your language. They are more likely to come back to your company if they know the communication will flow smoothly.


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