Get the Job You Want


Every fresh out of college student understands that sometimes getting the job you’ve been dreaming of might be a little more difficult to achieve. Competitions become fierce as many other students just like you are trying to get the same job as you are. You may feel overwhelmed and may start to rethink if this was the degree you should have gone for. There are some tips to guide you get your dream job before you start to panic and start taking more courses than you truly need.

To start with, have a list of various businesses that you may want to work for or are relevant to your degree. Applying for various work opportunities will allow you to improve your chances of receiving a call back rather than using luck to get the first job you’ve applied for. Once you’ve made the list, writing a cover letter will increase your chance in. Many applicants go directly to the resume, but writing a custom cover letter about why you want to work there will make you look more motivated to work. Also before sending it makes sure there are no spelling or grammar mistakes which are something simple to miss.

Next is the most obvious and important part of your application is the resume. Make sure it sounds professional as some employers may not have the same kind of humor as you do. Having another person look over it as well as a message may appear clear to you but not to the person reading it. Another thing to consider is that you’ve had stable past jobs so your new employer doesn’t get the impression you hop from job to job without an explanation. Lastly, don’t over-exaggerate your information and doing so will guarantee you not getting the job.

Many professional jobs will call your past jobs as a reference so if you decide to quit make sure you do it respectfully. Doing it in a professional matter will leave a good impression on your past employer. Even if you feel like they “deserve it” it’s still going to appear as a red flag to your new job. Avoid any ‘exit mode’ and ‘revenge quit’ and save your dignity.

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