Bullish Manufacturing


2019 could mean a lot of hiring for many manufacturing companies throughout the new North. Over the past year seeing our economy grow at record rates we all knew what that meant for all of us, more jobs! With all this growth going on owners are generating even more revenue and I’m sure are looking into investing in their companies as well.
An article in IOM (Insight on Manufacturing) that according to the NEW Manufacturing Alliance 2019 Manufacturing Vitality Index, 59% of manufacturers plan on hiring in the first quarter. Another 49% plan on hiring more workers throughout the year. If this is really the case and even if we see 10 percent less of these predictions that is still positive.

Creating & Attracting

What else might we see with companies in Wisconsin that have endured great growth in 2018? Just from driving around and through word of mouth many local businesses have modernized and expanded. A lot of manufacturers have had to hold off on these things and now that they are in a stronger position to expand we will see more of it throughout the year. With the increase in expanding businesses and modernizing this also means an increase in employees and trying to attract the new generation of them too. Creating jobs is perfect an all but attracting employees is just as important if not more important. If Wisconsin is currently facing a worker shortage then that tells me we need to work on attracting millennial’s and the other incoming generations.

Only really recently have we been seeing more companies bring on new hires and provide training along with paid education for them. Providing these benefits is a great way to attract and show to future employees that organizations are willing to invest their time and money in them. Companies that also offer a second chance to inmates and programs that train them is a great way to tap into another population that other businesses normally wouldn’t. Giving people within the local community a second chance can say a lot about your company culture and that they are in the business of improving people‚Äôs lives.


As manufacturing companies continue to expand and modernize it’s important for their HR teams and the company to figure out ways to attract the new generation of employees (i.e. millennial’s). I think we are facing a threat that if not looked at as opportunity companies will face some issues. The companies that are implementing new ways to attract new hires are the ones to pay attention to and learn from.

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