Finding Qualified Workers


Topic for Discussion

We have all heard the news and have been following this closely. Can anyone guess what that is? Jobs! Job growth has hit an all-time high in the United States of America. All over the US, we continue to see more jobs being created. With all of this growth, how are companies doing in finding qualified workers? Are our educational institutions teaching the right skills in order for them to be hired?
Universities and technical schools should be offering the best programs for students. Programs should be in line with what companies are looking for and take into consideration the latest industry standards.


The Numbers: (WhiteHouse.Gov, BLS)

• Total nonfarm payroll rose by 196,000 jobs in March (market expectation 175,000).
• March marks the longest streak of growth on record (102 months).
• The economy has added over 5.5 million jobs.





What the Data Shows

Looking at the data the jobs are there but are the workers there? Baby boomers are retiring and a new generation (millennial’s) has moved in. Employers might want to look into “sweetening the deal” for them. Some companies have been offering higher starting pay with room for growth. Other organizations are promoting within and providing more employees to work remotely. It seems as though millennial’s have a different mindset than the previous generation. Some want instant gratification and know that they can grow fast and further up the ladder within the organization they are working for. This is not a bad thing since they do lead the way in social media changing he way in which people communicate and connect.


Expectations v. Reality

This new generation has a very different outlook on what they expect from their places of employment. A lot of the new generation of workers prefer to work in teams, seek challenges, and maintain a good work-life balance. Over the years companies have begun working towards changing their engagement models. By doing this it will help retain and cultivate those valuable employees. It’s also important that the person applying fits the job description and have the experience to back it up. Education is one thing, a great thing but, experience can sometimes trump education depending on the position applied for. Having talked about this whole issue with other employers and coworkers it seems that college grads expectations are that they can apply for any job at any level.


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