Advice for Advertising on Social Media


Throughout the year, advertising your product has become much easier and can result in great success when done correctly. But, before you begin advertising on different types of social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, there needs to be a bit of planning. Your budget is one of the things that you should concentrate on. It’s not a new discovery, but it’s a simple thing that small businesses often lose track of when they want to get the attention of as many consumers as possible, but it often ends up backfiring. Once you have calculated your budget appropriately, you can concentrate on how to efficiently strategize your campaign.


To begin with, don’t advertise your product to “everyone”. As much as we would like, not everyone is going to want your product and when advertising to “everyone” will quickly burn out your budget. Limiting it to certain categories such as “female” or “male” or even narrowing it down more like “moms” or “dads”. Doing so with effectively get your product to the hands of the right consumer who would possibly be more willing to be a returning customer. Once you got your main target set, make sure to control how often your ad is viewed. Overwhelming your customers or potential customers with your ads may result in adblocking.


If you’re a small, starting business an effective way to advertise to potential customers is to set up a geofence. This is an electronic perimeter of how far the location of your business is going to advertise on social media. With recent studies, consumers are more willing to engage with the advertisement if it’s within the geographic location. When beginning a business the dream is for everyone to know about it but it is essential to set realistic goals to start with and slowly work up. Thinking smart and working effectively with your social media in hopefully bringing in potential customers. Lastly, have fun with your advertisement!  The more enthusiastic you are about your business your customer will respond the same way.

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