Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, Services Plus is a privately held company with 150 employees who work 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, and on weekends when necessary.

Here, our employees feel like they’re part of something special. They’re part of a family heritage of enjoying their work, enjoying challenges, and enjoying overcoming them even more. That’s what our founder, Marvin Schumacher, instilled in all of us.

“Golf is dumb, and you can buy fish.”

“Starvin’ Marvin” Schumacher was bored.  After selling a successful warehousing business in his mid-50s, he tried to retire…and hated it.  Being a serial entrepreneur, he couldn’t idle through life on the golf course or in a fishing boat.  Instead, he founded Services Plus in 1984 with his son, Mike, and Art Schmidt of U.S. Venture.


Business as a family tradition.

Services Plus was founded in 1984 by Marvin Schumacher after he decided to come out of retirement after a successful career at Warehouse Specialists, Inc. where he was the president and one of the company’s founding members. Marvin’s sons, Mike and Tom Schumacher, purchased his majority share in the mid 1990’s. Growing up with Marvin presented Mike and Tom several opportunities to learn from an entrepreneur.

When Mike and Tom were growing up, business was part of daily life. When they were in grade school, where there should have been a two-car attached garage, there was instead their father’s beer and liquor store. As high schoolers, their father bought a sweeping compound company and gave it to them to run at minimum wage. It was a simple product, basically sawdust mixed with oil or wax to keep dust down when sweeping floors. Instead of buying sawdust by the bag, Marvin bought it by the railcar. But the business wasn’t close to a railway so Mike and Tom had to manually unload each boxcar. It usually took them a week to unload one car.   The business was all theirs. Their father never showed up or worried about it. Mike and Tom had to figure out how to do everything. They took the orders, made the product, wrote the shipping papers, dealt with the truckers, did all the accounting…everything. Marvin, Mike, and Tom brought that entrepreneurship experience to Services Plus and is part of our culture today.

Future of the Business

Mike and Tom retired in 2015 after a new leadership team had been developed, which is led by Tad Campana, president of the company. In 2018, Mike elected to sell his shares of the company and is no longer involved. Tom Schumacher remains involved and is currently the majority owner and Chairman of the Board.

Services Plus is focused on custom manufacturing for consumer tissue and paper companies in both retail and away from home markets. The company also supplies specialty packaging services for branded and private label Consumer Product Goods companies. Our customers value our flexibility and speed to market the most, relying on us as a partner to increase their brand equity.

Four attitudes for success. 

Marvin Schumacher inspired the four key attitudes of Services Plus when the company was born.  Ever the optimist, when things weren’t going well, he was fond of saying, “This is usually the time when something happens.”  And it would.  His never-say-die attitude permeates our company.

1. Connecting for success.

It’s not networking.  It’s connecting with a purpose.  We grew up collaborating; it’s what we naturally do as a company.  We foster connections with technical experts that we can contact when we need them.  It keeps costs low for our customers and allows us to offer powerful resources when needed.  If we don’t know, we know where to get it.

2. Always finding a better way.

We like to say our solutions are “the best way we’ve thought of…, so far.”  Nothing makes us happier than seeing one of our great inventions overcome by an even better idea.  That’s what we constantly strive for: simpler, leaner, and more elegant ways of doing things.  Whenever possible, we substitute automation in place of labor to simplify product flow.

3. There are no limits.

The speed of light is just a number. When you realize that, even the biggest challenge is attainable. We don’t put limits on jobs. We encourage our team to be open to ideas and solutions.

It’s not unusual for someone to come to us because they’re stumped. They know what they want, but not necessarily how to do it. Even if we’ve never done it before, if we think we can do it, we try to say, “yes.”  We thrive on the energy of finding answers and improvements “inside the box.”

4. Knowing where we’re at.

It’s more than numbers. Numbers are just outcomes.  If you can’t relate the numbers back to something actionable, then what good are the numbers?

We run a daily Profit & Loss statement.  It’s normal for us, and we’ve been doing it for a long time.  We have goals for every line, every shift, every day.  We measure our efficiency, quality and safety daily.  We run incentive programs to encourage good performance, and we independently track everything to continuously improve performance.


Our guiding principles.

“Drive for Success

The relentless pursuit of safety, quality, and efficiency drive us. Services Plus has invested in people, equipment, facilities, and systems which have given us a solid foundation for growth. We’re ready to apply our innovation to see how we can help you.