3 Ways to Add Value in CPG Channels


Bundle upstream, bundle downstream or optimize operations.


Let’s talk about bundling, one-stop shopping is popular in many industries, and demonstrates a commitment toward an evolving value stream. In addition, it supports product life cycle logistics solutions more efficiently than single product providers. Co-packing companies with integrated services such as design, printing, and packaging on-site offer a single point of contact and seamless coordination which lowers the cost of managing projects. Additionally, the result of pulling together multiple in-house functions results in a more seamless value chain and improved lead time management.


When under one roof, vendors offer bundled services, utilizing robust systems for managing orders. This is especially valuable when launching promotions or new products because the integrated scheduling process increases speed to market. Once packaging designs are finalized, job details and specifications can be on-boarded quickly resulting in shelf ready, packaged, and labeled shipments. Time and money are also saved by reducing or eliminating transfer logistics and downtime between jobs.


Not to be overlooked, integrated solutions also create single source accountability for quality performance and opportunities for cost savings from automation of combined or “like” processes. Overall bundling upstream and downstream processes can save time and money and are worthy of consideration in the demanding world of co-packing.



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